Teaching and Coaching

As well as being a professional actor, David Davies is also a qualified teacher and coach of Presentation Techniques, Vocal Techniques and English Language Learning, Acting and Literature.

Using his experience in different theatrical mediums as a basis he is able to help students of voice or those making presentations with: breathing, pacing, vocal power and emphasis, maintaining and delivering both a factual and emotional objective and many other facets of delivery.

Vocal techniques covered include: diaphragmatic breathing, tone, pitch, power, pacing and appropriate register or style.

He has coached people making presentations at The Australian Institute of Sport, The Victorian Treasury, Coventry University and Hochschule Koblenz.

As well as his Batchelor of Arts, he holds a VTAB Adult Training Qualification, Global TEFL Certificate and is a qualified Berlitz Instructor which forms the basis of his teaching English as a second language site .

He has also taught Speech and Drama as a specialist as well as English Literature.

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